The Post-Truth Era

After my twopence worth on living in dark times, here’s further take on the ‘post-truth’ era by my Facebook friend and ALLI fellow-member, Dr Carol Cooper …

Pills & Pillow-Talk

Everyone’s saying it, so it must be true. We live in a post-truth era, in which unsubstantiated statements are swallowed whole. The less palatable they are, the more easily they slip down.

Post-truth was made word of the year – the Oxford Dictionaries’ International Word of the Year, no less. Post-truth is of course instead of truth, not after it as in, say, post mortem or post-Apocalyptic.

As you see, even the term post-truth is lying through its teeth. But what does it matter?

old-books1Post-truth got some massive boosts this year with Brexit and the US Presidential Election. While Michael Gove didn’t actually start it, he did famously say that people in this country had “had enough of experts”.

Experts are now superfluous and fact-checkers obsolete. These days momentous decisions are made without anyone bothering with evidence.

That doesn’t just make me worried. It makes me deeply suspicious not just…

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One thought on “The Post-Truth Era

  1. dunelight February 19, 2017 / 3:47 am

    As a school girl I was always one of the brightest in the room, not a cute, highly socialized ‘teacher’s pet’, bet a weird little ‘Mrs. Spock’ intensely curious, following her own values, at times knowing more on a subject than the teacher. I did not realize where I stood on the bell curve until well into adulthood. But any bullying I faced down as a child is paling when compared to a frightening new concern. Look at Brexit. Look at our President. When I speak rationally and calmly with facts, replies are hateful. I ‘argue’ for better treatment of women, minorities, refugees, using the Bible my detractors claim they follow, their own Bible, to illustrate Christ’s admonitions to ‘love one another’ and I am called false prophet. America has never liked smart women. Now that dislike is turning into hate. I feel like this could get out of control and we’ll all get to see how it went for people during the Pol Pot Regime. I have given up trying to help the poor rural people, the people I come from, my people. It remains amazing to me that humans firmly entrenched on the left side of the curve have a stubborn inability to see what is before them. They are blind to the actual foot in the boot that is kicking them in the arse.

    Interesting times.


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