Collaboration in apps isn’t a solved problem: here’s how to fix it

Information about collaborative writing tools. Some great, people-centred thoughts here. Have you checked out Poetica yet?

Poetica's blog

Collaboration is a hot topic, especially in the market of workplace or productivity applications, but as a buzzword it is far too easily bandied about. Recent improvements in technology have made it easy to bolt networking on to any app, but, as with most software, solving the technical problem is only part of the solution. What’s required to fully realise what’s now possible is a thorough understanding of the user needs, how they relate to collaboration, and be led by designing for them.

I’m going to tell you why most collaboration solutions are unfit for purpose and how, at Poetica, we’ve approached solving the user experience part of the equation.

What is collaboration?

Collaboration is simply the process of two or more people working together. It also comes with the added benefit of producing better outcomes than if someone works alone. Sounds simple; but anyone who’s worked in a team…

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