The Tale of a Sofa: one saw tat, the other saw trophy

When Granny moved into her sheltered flat, the three-piece suite was too large for her sitting room. She passed it to her daughter and ordered a smaller version, custom-made. The custom-made sofa, very good quality, was covered in a discreet, pale rose and grey, abstract patterned brocade, had 2 cushions and covers for the ends of the arms, to keep them clean.sofa - 1

When Granny went into a Home, she took the arm chair, and passed the sofa to her son’s family, who kept it in the family room where the teenagers and their friends hung out. It stayed clean. But around the back, unknown until it was too late, the cats had used the nice, good-quality brocade-covered back to sharpen their claws.

Time passed, the teens and their friends grew older and moved out. The sofa moved up to the attic, where the lodger used it to lie on and watch TV. He kept it clean, and didn’t mind about the cats’ claw marks: after all, it was a comfy sofa.

The sun smiled in through his window, and the brocade became a little faded. The sofa was a tad large for the room, what with the double-sized bed, the big modern desk, the cupboard and the upright chair. Perhaps Freecycle could re-locate the sofa somewhere better? Maybe the lodger would prefer a nice new Ikea ‘Poang’ armchair, covered in Glose Leather? With a footstool to match?

Poang Armchair & Footstool in situ
Poang Armchair & Footstool in situ

Offer: two-seater sofa: sound condition, great for upholstery project!

Woman One called by: an arty-looking type. She looked at the house owner, and she shrugged. ‘I’m sorry, I can’t take your sofa. You see, It’s rather grubby, isn’t it? And I can’t cover it straight away…’

Grubby? Faded, yes. Cat-scratched, yes. But by no means dirty!  (Granny would’ve been insulted and given that woman a piece of her mind …)

Woman Two called by next day. ‘Hum: it’s not a sofa-bed. I’d wanted a sofa-bed…but … ‘ She lifted the cushions, and spied the maker’s name. She smiled happily. ‘Oh, it’s Wesley-Barrell! I don’t mind about the cat-scratches, I’m going to re-cover it. Not straight away, but I don’t mind. It won’t show. It’s round the back. And I can plump up the cushions: I’ll see if Wesley-Barrell will re-upholster them!’

sofa Woman Two, delighted with the free, good-quality W-B sofa, loaded it into the back of her car, and drove away into the sunset. Granny  would’ve been delighted: she always loved to find a good-quality bargain.

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